The Accounting Group

Financial Services


  • To provide the day-to-day bookkeeping services, as needed or monthly, necessary to pay the bills of the ASSOCIATION. This service shall include, but not be limited to, keeping all records of, and performing all services in connection with, the payment of bills, payrolls and such other items as may be provided for in the ASSOCIATION / HOA budget.  Checks shall be executed/signed in accordance with ASSOCIATION Board’s policy and authorization.

Financial Statement

  • Within sixty (60) days after the receipt of ASSOCIATION’s financial records, provide a financial statement reflecting the ASSOCIATION’s financial status or, if the financial records received by ACCOUNTANT are incomplete, incorrect, or disorganized, recommend that an audit be performed. Thereafter furnish a monthly financial statement prepared on a modified accrual basis, which will include all income and expenses and will reflect the net cash position of the Association.


  • To account for all regular and special assessments, as needed or monthly, and other revenues that may be due the ASSOCIATION, from the ASSOCIATION'S members (the ASSOCIATION hereby authorizes the ACCOUNTANT to request, demand, collect, receive and receipt for any and all assessments and charges that may be due the ASSOCIATION), advise the ASSOCIATION with respect to the recording, satisfying or foreclosing of any ASSOCIATION liens therefore, and initiate all legal processes and/or take such other action as the ACCOUNTANT shall deem necessary or appropriate, in its reasonable judgment, subject to the ASSOCIATION'S approval, for the collection of such assessments.


  • To maintain a comprehensive system of office, accounting, and financial records and reports in the format developed by the ACCOUNTANT and approved by the BOARD, which shall be subject to examination by the ASSOCIATION at all reasonable hours.


  • The ACCOUNTANT shall prepare a proposed annual budget The budget shall be based on prior operating expenditures, estimated future expenses, and required or needed reserves for capital replacement or improvements as determined by the ASSOCIATION. ACCOUNTANT shall not be responsible for any discrepancies between the budget and actual expenses, the budget being an estimate to be used only as a guide. The budget shall be submitted to the Board for its consideration and adoption.


  • The ACCOUNTANT will assist the BOARD-appointed certified public accountant in performing audits, filing local, state, and federal forms, and paying required taxes.


  • To deposit, as needed or on a weekly basis, all funds collected from unit owners of the PROPERTY or otherwise for the benefit of the ASSOCIATION, into a bank account or accounts established by the ACCOUNTANT as custodian for the ASSOCIATION, such that all such funds may be withdrawn therefrom to pay all expenses of operation and maintenance of the PROPERTY as contemplated herein. The aforesaid bank account(s) will be styled so as to indicate the custodial nature thereof, and the funds therein shall not be commingled with any other funds collected by the ACCOUNTANT as the agent for any other person or entity or otherwise.  The ACCOUNTANT shall not be liable for any loss resulting from the insolvency of such depository(ies).  The ACCOUNTANT shall not cause any such bank account(s) to exceed any federally insured amount.


  • MANAGER will provide ASSOCIATION with an Operating Account with Lockbox services for ASSOCIATIONS account, and ASSOCIATION must utilize MANAGER’s lockbox with one of the approved MANAGERS Partner Banking Institutions, in order to process checks from the membership in an orderly manner.

Automated Payables

We Have Changed The Way You Pay Your Bills…

We have established an Automated Payables Lockbox to help us manage our payables better. It will not only save you time and money, but offer better control and efficiencies. 

How does it work?

Just as your assessments are sent directly to your bank for processing, vendor invoices for your association are sent to our payables department for processing.  Here, images are electronically uploaded online to be viewed and approved.   Instead of moving paper invoices around to the various people involved in the approval process, this process is now facilitated through an online electronic approval process.  We view the invoices online for each association, ensure that the coding of the invoice is correct, and once we approve the invoice, the invoice is sent to your queue for approval.  Any morning you have invoices waiting in your queue, you will receive an email notifying you that there are invoices you need to approve.  You simply logon to your Accounts Payable Digital Site, click on Payables and view the invoices in your queue, and approve them for payment. Just like online bill-pay, your approval for a payment initiates a check payment being sent out to the vendor from your bank.

Why should we change the way we pay invoices?

1. Old process is paper intensive

The way invoices are now being approved by many companies is very paper intensive, which can obviously be prone to mishandling and potentially getting lost.  With this service, we have an electronic archive of all the invoices processed for your association.

2. Invoice searching easier

By having electronic images of invoices in an online system, it is much easier to search for invoices based on specified search criteria.

3. Better control of approvals

An online process for approving invoices ensures that all of the required approvals for an invoice get made.

4. Approve invoices anywhere with internet access

Instead of waiting for payments to come in the mail for approval or waiting for a board meeting, invoices can be approved by you at home or work, anywhere with internet access.

5. Extra mail routing eliminated

The extra mail routing for payment approval is eliminated, meaning less of a chance that a payment can get lost in the mail.

6. Avoid late fees

This process for approving invoices online is proven to be a more effective way of getting invoices approved on-time or early.

7. Audit trail of who’s approved and viewed invoices

This system tracks every action that is taken on an invoice, so we can always see what action has been taken by whom and when.

8. The Digital AP System is very easy to use

You will find there are two screens that you will use to approve invoices.  One screen provides a list of the invoices requiring your approval (My Invoices) and one screen shows the invoice image and the various coding details (Invoice Detail).  There are two screens that let you search for invoices and payments for your association.

9. My Invoices Screen

The “My Invoices” screen displays all invoices pending your approval, and allows for quick invoice approval.  It enables filtering by Vendor and Expense Code as well as easy sorting of invoices by Invoice, Vendor, Amount, and Dates.  As a board member, you will obviously only see invoices requiring approval for your association.

10. Invoice Detail

The Invoice Detail screen allows you to view the invoice and the invoice’s coding details, as well as approve or reject an invoice.  As a board member, you will be unable to change the coding information for the invoice.  However, if you feel an invoice was coded incorrectly or the association was incorrectly invoiced, you may reject the invoice and include a reason for the rejection in the internal notes section.  This will send the invoice back to the manager so they can make the necessary changes.  

Collection Services

We Have Changed Collecting Association Dues…

Association Specialty Group (“ASG”) will provide all of these collection services listed below to the Association at 100% no cost or fees. 100% of fees and costs will be collected only from the homeowner (based on the number of collection files, ASG may have to be reimbursed for our out of pocket foreclosure costs).  If they are not recovered, the Association will not owe ASG or its affiliates any money at any time. We feel as the Association Management Company we have the most knowledge of the Association’s needs. Also, we know immediately when all owners become delinquent.  Therefore, we can start collections immediately on any delinquent homeowners. ASG will take over the entire collection process including all letters, liens and foreclosures.  ASG will be the one-stop for all collection needs. There will be no need for any other Collection Company or Law Firm to contract with the Association. ASG will need to employ third party vendors to handle certain functions of collections.  However, this will be at the sole cost of ASG; never the responsibility of the Association.

Collection Manager

ASG staffs a collection manager for all of our Associations. This is in addition to many other collection callers, attorneys and office staff.  However, this person’s role will be to know every single unit in collections and constantly deal with each unit on a daily basis.  ASG will guarantee that 100% of this staff member’s time will be for Association collections.   This staff member will work at a minimum of 40 hours per week.  ASG will be paying for this staff member and all expenses associated with this new hire.


ASG will provide all of these additional services listed below at no cost to the Association.
1. ASG will send out the official demand letters as per Association Collection Policy within 48 hours of any homeowner becoming delinquent. 2. All letters will be pre-approved by the Board. 3. Letters will be mailed to all known addresses of the delinquent owner. 4. The Board will decide the schedule of which of the following letters to send and when –
  • Friendly Reminder
  • Secondary reminder
  • Demand Letter
  • Foreclosure warning letter
  • Quarterly Statements
1. ASG will take a proactive approach to collections. 2. ASG will reach out weekly to ALL of the delinquent owners.
  • Calls begin within 48 hours of a delinquent account being turned over to ASG.
  • The Board will determine the call frequency.
3. ASG will perform skip tracing to attempt to find correct contact information on each owner that is not on Association Record. 4. All collection calls will be handled solely by this ASG staff member. 5. All calls will be handled within proper FDCPA guidelines.
ASG will bare all responsibility of all cost and fees associated with the attorney. At no time will the Association be responsible for any fees or costs. This will include but not be limited to all court costs, all lien costs and all foreclosure costs (please note that if the Association is over 1000 units there are no foreclosure costs; if under 1000 units, the Association will only be responsible for out-of-pocket court costs) and fees if they cannot be collected. This Firm will be on 100% contingency. Their fee will be in addition to what the Association is statutorily owed, NOT from what is collected.
1. ASG will confirm proper amounts owed to the Association. 2. ASG will account for all assessments, late fees, fines and interest calculations for payments received from delinquent owners.
DEMAND OF RENTS (If applicable):
1. For all delinquent properties that are rented, ASG will facilitate the collections of monies as per the Florida Statute. 2. ASG will prepare notices for the Demand of Rents to the owner and tenant.
  • When necessary, ASG will facilitate the eviction process.
1. ASG will assist and consult with the Board in making sure a proper Collection Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) is in place. 2. ASG will strictly follow the SOP.
1. ASG will monitor, review and prepare all collection reports for the Association. 2. ASG will provide the following reports to the Board –
  • A Public Records Report:
    • All Association and Bank actions to-date; including foreclosure filings, letters, final judgments, sale dates, etc.…
    • Identifies the accurate title holder.
    • Balance due by owner.
    • Occupancy of unit (owner, renter, vacant)
  • A Note Report: Includes all communications and activities that have occurred by unit –
    • Phone conversations
    • Negotiation details
    • Payment Plans
    • Skip tracing activity
    • Letters mailed
    • Emails
    • Faxes
  • A Financial Report –
    • Detailed breakdown of all monies collected by AMG.
    • Breakdown of the monies received will be per Association by property.
ASG will be in charge of ALL closings of ALL files: 1. Before a delinquent file is closed, ASG will coordinate the entire process between the Board and the legal team. 2. ASG will conduct a final financial review before the file is deemed current. 3. All amounts will be approved by ASG and the Board prior to closing the file. 4. Part of ASG responsibilities will be to handle all short sales. ASG will be the sole point of contact to all the parties in this transaction to include; buyer, seller, real estate brokers, attorney, title company, mortgage broker, etc.