February 23rd, 2017

Three Big Things Attorneys Wish Boards Knew


Whether you serve on the board of a co-op, condo or HOA, chances are you and your fellow community administrators are volunteers. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough that you or one of your colleagues has professional legal expertise to bring to the table – but even if that’s the case, sooner or later you’ll need to consult with outside legal counsel on some issue, whether it be the sale of an apartment in the building, or an acrimonious situation between neighbors, or between a resident and the board itself.


February 7th, 2017

Lead Paint and Other Toxins



Whether you make your home in the heart of a city or in a big suburb, there are certain dangers that have nothing to do with crime rates, economics, or the latest disease (read: Zika). Sometimes the most dangerous threats to our well-being are not obvious. Such is the case with things like lead paint, mold, asbestos, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde can be harmless under normal circumstances, but become dangerous when they are exposed, or when they accumulate in a residential setting.